Web Landing Pages

Today, my friends, we are talking about web landing pages and some of their essential elements. There is a kind of general confusion around landing pages simply because they can take so many forms. Remember, the overall purpose of a landing page is to move your visitor through the conversion funnel. Some are short and […]

How to Write Powerful Content that Pulls

Use This Information Everywhere The Formula Don’t run away, this is not about Keywords, search placement, or user experience. None of that. This is simply how to write good powerful content that pulls that pulls. We will call it ad copy but you will use this information everywhere. Why because in truth everything we write […]

Web Design Trends Old is New Again

Ok, granted design is kind of subjective, but in my world of web design, many times, the technology has the larger influence. And that influence can cause designers to get a little bit lazy and that causes “Sticky” trends. These are not new and visible everywhere like advertising for example. Certain things work and just […]

Be Where They Search – Search behavioral patterns

Search optimization only works if you can find the right audience. Finding that audience does not need to be difficult. You have heard me say it many times, everything is based on search behavioral patterns and those patterns change. Search engine optimization is both ever changing and highly targeted meaning “you want who to do […]

Artificial Intelligence and Search Engine Optimization

In their never ending effort to deliver better search results faster Google continually updates or replaces its search algorithms. This past October Google introduced RankBrain to the search engine optimization world. Artificial Intelligence designed to learn from what you search and say. Destined to become Google’s third most important ranking signal it takes the human […]

3 Costly Website Blunders

With over 37 years, of marketing and web experience I have learned some basic truths. Below are the3 costly website blunders I see clients continually make. No. 1 Designing for Looks and Not for Sales I wrote my first website over 18 years ago and the single biggest mistake I constantly battle is clients who […]

Even Google has to deal with IE

Had to access my Adwords console yesterday but first, I have a new Win 8 workstation so I have never accessed my Management Console with it before. I login fine but soon notice that data and columns were skewed or incomplete. I click on the handy chat help button for support. The kindly chat box […]

3 Parts to Web Design and Search Optimization

A complete web project has three important parts: 1 – research, 2 – design and optimization and 3 – the launch. Unfortunately most just focus on the first, what the site is going to look like. Few have clear goals other than they “want to be found”. All of our web projects cover THE 3 […]

Mobile Web Is Old News

There has been a lot this past weekend about the surge in online shopping and more precisely the growth in mobile devices. This is something that I have been preaching for years. So if you saw the writing on the wall you were ready when this season hit. If you didn’t don’t worry the flood […]

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