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Today you can sell anything online. The Internet provides a fast and easy way for people to buy from you. You provide the idea. Lone Bird delivers. Ranging from dedicated shopping software through WordPress we bring you solutions, knowledge and training.

E-commerce 101

The five basics building blocks to a solid online e-commerce solution. Of course each has its own sub list but this is the basic frame work.

  1. Product and/or service.
  2. A way to access and display your wears or service.
  3. A way to safely handle transactions.
  4. Fulfilment. Includes download /shipping /tracking.
  5. Customer service.

Lone Bird has you covered!

When this year’s numbers come in you will see that online shopping has greatly exceeded traditional store sales. It is what people want and it is where the future growth is.

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"Five stars! The design Chris did for me was way beyond expectations."

Delivered Barns and Sheds

"Been working with Chris since 2011. He took us to domination of the Southeast. And this past year increased shed sales a full 50%."


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